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Dream Pool Scholarship Recipients

1st Place - Khaya Sabel $3,000
2nd place - Emily Koehler $2,000
3rd place - Talia Anne Tuttle $1,000
4th place - Julie Ann Fischer $1,000
5th place - Abigail Rose Waltenberry $1,000

Courtney Peterson $2,500
Special one time scholarship in honor
of Carrie's Grandmother Marcella Skowronski
1st Place - Tristian Bjork $2,000
2nd place - Parker Brown $2,000
3rd place - Sara Junta $1,000
4th place - Judith Perez $1000
5th place - Lindsey Ann Jorgenson $1000

1st place - Marjorie Hayes $2,000
Lake Geneva, WI
2nd place - Emily Rutherford $2,000
Green Bay, WI
3rd place - Danielle Annunziata $1,000
Osceola, WI
4th place - Madison Bojarski $1000
West Allis, WI
5th place - Adeline Pumplin $1000
Lena, WI

1st place - Aryanna Norris $2,000
Mount Mary College
2nd place - Autumn Rockteschel $2,000
Maine College of Art
3rd place - Madeline Witt $1,000
University of Wisconsin - Superior
4th place - Hollyn Peterson $1000
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
5th place - Sydney Donath $1000
Iowa State University

1st place - Emily Hentzel $2,000 .
Hamilton High School
Sussex, WI
2nd place - Lakota Tuft $2,000.
Waukesha North High School
Waukesha, WI
3rd place - Zaya Kuroda-Grauer $1,000
Franklin High School
Somerset, NJ
4th place - Abigail Doxrude $1000.
Stevens Point Area Senior High
Stevens Point, WI

1st place - Collin Clapero $2,000 .
Washburn High School
Washburn WI
2nd place - Taylor Rose $2,000.
Northwestern High School
Maple, WI
3rd place - Marin Lynch $1,000
Richland Center High School
Richland Center, WI
4th place - Griffin Blake $1000.
Madison East High School
Madison , WI

1st place - Sydney Marie Peel $2,000.
Colleyville Heritage High School
Colleyville, TX
2nd place - Madison Brake $1,000.
Niceville High School
Niceville, FL
3rd place - Alyssa Ackerman $1,000
Waukesha North High School
Waukesha, WI
4th place - Tanner Van Dera $500.
Appleton North High School
Appleton, WI
5th place - Vaughn Hess Jr. $500.
Milwaukee HS of the Arts
Milwaukee, WI

Haley Rose Ebinal
Devon Jo Brunsell
Victor Landreth
Olivia Holland
Natalie Joyner

Casey Olson ( Manitowoc, WI)
Amanda Lee Pineda (Wantage, NJ)
Fiona Gray (Stoughton, WI)

Arianna Shank (Sheboygan, WI)
Erin Wagner (Hartland, WI)
Marty Wittborg (Egg Harbor, WI)

Erin Carr (Eau Claire, WI)
Marla Klein (Appleton, WI)

Candice Block (Sussex, WI)
Elizabeth Borucki (Burlington, WI)

Anna Carlson (Fish Creek, WI)
Caitlin Smith (Madison, WI)

Ashley Bloom (Fountain City, WI)
Amanda Rezutek (Middleton, WI)

Matthew Leifheit (Milwaukee, WI)
Joshua Loewen (Milwaukee, WI)

Chelsea Tredupp (Milwaukee, WI)
Christine Weiseler (Milwaukee, WI)
Monica Von Reuden (Milwaukee, WI)
Bryn Dawson (Milwaukee, WI)
Josh Jankowski (Kenosha, WI)